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[FAN ACCOUNT] 140827 Concert in Nagoya

"When Eli tried to put his face near Kevin’s face Kev didnt move his face away but when Hoon did it he faced somewhere else ♡ I sense ElVin"

"They teased Kev for not feeling awkward with Eli and Eli was very happy he decided to carry Kevin around the stage"

"KS was made to dance while SH beatboxed (omg at SH!! he was good!!)
Eli then tried to dance like KS but ended up kneel-crawling to Kevin then making a heart over his head at Kevin (we were dyinggg)”

"Kiseop tried to kiss Kevin but Eli came and took a towel and “strangled” Kiseop then took Kevin away lol"

"Kevin and Eli were hugging each other ♥♥ while Soohyun and Jun was talking (Hoon was translating for Jun)"

"Eli started doing the choreo for their debut song 어리지않아 then kevin joined in the song and dance xD SH refuses to even look at them lol"

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Elvin love ~ (っ◕ヮ◕)っ


Sexy Elvin ♥_♥
(pic bought at kpop store in Shin Okubo)


Elvin ♥

Love on U making movie - Elvin moment at 12:15mn